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The Indianapolis Colts lead the series 10-5 against San Diego at home. The Chargers are 4-9 against the Colts at the Chargers' stadium. So, the Colts are the better team.

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Q: Are the Colts better than the Chargers?
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What team is better colts or chargers?

This is a matter of opinion. Some people will say the Colts, som ethe Chargers. You decide.

Is colts or Alabama better?

colts are better than Alabama

What is the Spread between colts and chargers?

chargers are plus 1 and a half

Will the colts get to the playoffs but get beat by the chargers again or will they beat them and win the Super Bowl?

The Chargers will beat the Colts and win the superbowl.49-42.The Chargers will be 18-0 and they will set the record.The Colts will be 17-1.

Who won the 2010 NFL championship between the colts and chargers?


Are the Raiders better than Chargers?

No, the chargers are Way better than the raiders especially with Carson Palmer in their team while chargers having a tremendous offense and a alright defense

What are the Las Vegas odds on the Chargers going to Super Bowl?

7 to 1. Only the Colts are better at 6 to 1.

Which team is better this year cowboys or colts?

I say colts will win. If you are a cowboy fan than I'm sure u will say that cowboys are better. But the Colts have straight wins(they are good since they beat the saints but not better than colts).

Are eagles better than colts nfl?

Yes. The Philadelphia Eagles are better than the Indianapolis Colts in every sense of the game.

Why is saints better than the colts?

saints are better because saints beat colts in the super bowl.

Which player has played for the colts patriots and chargers?


What is the history of Chargers vs Colts?

For the past 5 years,right now 2010, Chargers have won 4 times, and the Colts have only won once

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