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Broncos, Bengals (2), Dolphins, and Chargers.

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Q: 49ers 5 wins in Super Bowls against what teams?
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Which teams have won more Super Bowls than the San Francisco 49ers?

Through Super Bowl XLIII, the only team to have won more Super Bowls than the 49ers, who have won 5, are the Pittsburgh Steelers who have won 6. The Dallas Cowboys have also won 5 Super Bowls,.

Who has more Super Bowls wins and appearances - the 49ers or the Giants?

The San Francisco 49ers have won five of the six Super Bowls in which they have participated (they were victorious in XVI, XIX, XXIII, XXIV and XXIX, but lost in XLVII). The New York Giants have appeared in five Super Bowls (XXII, XXV, XXXV, XLII and XLVI), and were victorious in all but XXXV. Both teams suffered losses to the Baltimore Ravens.

What teams did the 49er's play in the Super Bowl?

In theirsuper bowls the San Fransisco 49ers played the Cincinnati Bengals then, the Miami Dolphins then, the Bengals again then, the Denver Broncos and finally ,the San Diego Chargers

What teams did the San Francisco 49ers play in Super Bowl?

Bengals, Dolphins, Broncos, and Chargers.

Which teams did San Francisco 49ers beat in the Super Bowl?

XVI - San Fransisco 49ers v. Cincinatti Bengals - 26-21 XIX - San Fransisco 49ers v. Miami Dolphins - 38-16 XXII - San Fransisco 49ers v. Cincinatti Bengals - 20-16 XXIV - San Fransisco 49ers v. Denver Broncos - 55-10 XXIX - San Fransisco 49ers v. San Diego Chargers - 49-26 Sadly enough, the 1995 Super Bowl was the last time that the 49ers have been to the Super Bowl. Since that win against the Chargers, San Fransisco has not been to the playoffs either. That is not true Jeff garcia took the 49ers to the playoffs several times with T.O.

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