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No they were no Olympics during World War 1 or 2

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Q: Were there Olympics during the World Wars?
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What happened in World War 1 Olympics?

The Olympic games were cancelled during the wars

The Olympics have been every four years since 1896 except during?

Both World Wars.

Why did the wars stop during the Olympics?


Why were the Olympics discontinued?

The Olympics were discontinued for 1000 years by the romans because the Greeks refused to dedicate the games to Roman gods. The olympics were also suspended during the world wars for obvious reasons.

Were the Olympics ever not held?

The Olympic Games were suspended during the World Wars (in 1916, 1940 and 1944). They also were discontinued for many years between the ancient Olympics and the modern Olympics, which began in 1896.

When did the Olympics not take place t the expected time?

During the world wars (Berlin 1916, Tokyo 1940, London 1944).

Which in 3 years did world wars cause the cancellation of the Olympics?

World War I caused the 1916 Olympics to be cancelled and World War II cancelled the 1940 and 1944 Olympics.

Why was it not allowed to have war during the Olympics?

Wars were stopped during the Olympics because the Greeks wanted to honor Zeus(the Greek god of gods) with peace.

What years was the Olympics cancelled cause of the world wars?

1916,1940 and1944

What city hosted the Olympics during World War 2?

Berlin, Germany, hosted the Olympics during World War II.

How many years did they not do the Olympics?

Olympiads were not held in the years of World Wars I and Two.

What happened to the Olympics during the war?

the Olympics were not held during world war one or world war two:) by Ashlee Jade Hallas

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