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yes there were sports and games in colonial times

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Q: Did sports or games exist in colonial times?
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How did they play football in the Medieval Times?

Written rules for sports were a thing of the modern age, and in the Middle Ages standard rules did not exist. Football was played however people agreed to play it at the time, and it existed in many forms, most of which were rather chaotic. In one form, called mob football, there was no restriction even to the numbers of people who played on each side, and passersby could find themselves suddenly called on to play in the game. There is a link below to an article on medieval football.

What did people from medieval times do for fun?

played chess played checkers played dice games had horse races ( if they were rich) dances plays ( usually with stories from the church) foot races wrestled games of physical prowess sang drank played backgammon hunted

What was the peasants lifestyle in the Medieval Times?

Peasants lived a life that was mostly hard work. The majority of peasants (and I am taking peasants to refer to the serfs and free men of the small villages of medieval times) lived by farming, herding, or other agricultural activities. This involved a great deal of hard manual labor. Peasant families also practiced a wide range of crafts, including cheese making, brewing, spinning thread, etc, that were labor intensive. Life was not entirely work, however. Even in busy times peasants would take Sundays off from work, and there were many religious holidays throughout the year. Also, while there were times during the agricultural cycle that that work was very intensive (such as harvest) there were also times of the year where there was less to do. Some scholars have estimated that the medieval peasant had more days off of work per year than the modern American office worker. Peasants had leisure time activities and a cultural life. Musical instruments have been found in the excavations of medieval villages, so music, singing, and dancing were popular entertainments. Sports were also popular, including wrestling matches, knife throwing games, and rough and tumble ball games that may be ancestor of soccer. Board games and dice games are known to have existed. Peasants also had access to a spiritual life, as all but the tiniest villages had a church and a priest. Peasants would also drink and socialize together. Villages typically did not have a tavern, but peasants would brew ale (a common source of income for widowed or single women) and have friends an neighbors over to their home. So on the whole, it certainly was a life of hard work, but there was still time for community, cultural, and social activities.

What is the difference between modern times and old times?

The main differences between modern times and old times arise in the modes of transport and communication. The energy sources used also make a big difference. Currently, internet and wireless communication is common where as in old times, letters and physical presence was the most likely form of communication.

How did people from medieval times bathe?

Usually, people in medieval times did not bathe -- and yes, they were rather stinky.

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