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Roy Gerela wore the number ten for the Pittsburgh Steelers from 1971-1978.

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Q: Who wore the number 10 for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 70's?
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Who wore number 89 for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 70s?

The only Steelers to wear the #89 during the 70's were tight ends John McMakin from 1972-1974 and Bennie Cunningham from 1976-1985.

What nfl team had the most hall of fame players in one season?

pittsburgh steelers 70s

Who wore number 3 for the Phillies?

Danny Ozark wore #3 when he managed the Phillies in the '70s.

Who wore number 33 for the Dallas Cowboys in the 70s?

Tony Dorsett

Do you know a player named Carson who played for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 70s?

There were no players for the Steelers from 1970-1979 with the first or last name Carson. However the name of their defensive coordinator for most of the decade was Bud Carson.

Who was the kicker for The Steelers in the 70s?

roy gerella

Who wore number 34 for the Oakland Athletics in the 70s?

Rollie Fingers wore #34 for the A's from 1969-1976 and Bob Lacey wore #34 from 1977-1979.

Who were the Pittsburgh Steelers front four besides Joe Greene and Ernie Holmes during the 70s?

Besides Greene and Holmes, there were defensive ends L.C. Greenwood and Dwight White.

What running back has the most Super Bowl rings?

Franco Harris, running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers, won 4 Super bowls in the mid and late 70s.

What was the fashion in the 70s?

people wore dead people

Who called Russia a steel curtain?

lmao the steel curtain they were called in the 70s i believe.but steelers rock!!!!!!! I think you are the first one to call Russia the Steel Curtain. The Steel Curtain refers to the defense of the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Iron Curtain was coined most famously by Winston Churchill.

Who on the Yankees wears number 6?

In the 60s, Clete Boyer wore it. Roy White wore it in the 70s. The most recent wearer was former manager Joe Torre. Her wore it for the 11 years he was the manager. No one is wearing now.

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