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There was no FIFA World Cup in 2000. France won in '98, Brazil in '02. France won the European Championships in 2000.

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Q: Who won the World Cup in 2000?
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Which country won cricket World Cup in 2000?

Cricket World Cup was not held in 2000. The 1999 cricket world cup was won by Australia.

Who won the 2000 FIFA World Cup?

FIFA World Cup was not held in 2000.

Who won World Cup cricket 2000?

Circket World Cup was not held in 2000.

Who is win 2000 world cup foo?

There was no World cup in 2000 but it was on 2002 when Brazil won it.In 2000,there was the Euro cup that France won finally.

Who were the winners of the world cup soccer games in 2000?

There was no World Cup in 2000 the World Cup is every 4 years in 1998 it was won by France and in 2002 it was won by Brazil.

What rugby team has won the Rugby World Cup in 2000?

There was no Rugby World Cup in 2000. There was one in 1999 won by Australia and the next was in 2003 and won by England.

Who won man of the match in final match 2000 t20 world cup?

there was no world cup in year 2000

Who won the FIFA World Cup in 2000?


Who won the World Cup from 2000-2009?

First of all, there were two World Cups in 2000-09 because a World Cup comes only once in 4 years. The FIFA World Cup 2002 was won by Brazil. The FIFA World Cup 2006 was won by Italy.

What country is the first won world cup and euro cup?

It is France in 2000.

Which country won the 2000 world cup?

There was no football world cup in the year 2000 , it was held in the year 2002 in South Korea and Japan.

Which team won the the football world cup in 2000?

there wasn't a FIFA world cup in the year 2000, mate. The closest World Cups to that time were France 1998 which the hosts won and Korea/Japan in 2002 which was won by Brazil.

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