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Rutgers and Princeton played what is regarded as the first College Football game in 1869.

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Q: Who were the first two colleges to play football?
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Which two colleges created the first rules for football in 1867?

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What are the first two schools to play college football in the US?

Princeton and Rutgers, 1869.

What are the differences between UGA football and Auburn Football?

two different colleges, two different football teams. The Auburn Tigers and The Georgia Buldogs. Pretty simple stuff.

How can you play football with two people?

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Who was the first two universities to play football and what year?

The first university football game was played in 1869 between Rutgers University and The College of New Jersey, which is now Princeton.

What is intercollegiate football?

The prefix 'inter' in the word intercollegiate means more than one college. Intercollegiate football is a football game between teams from two different colleges.

What first two colleges in Maine were established?

Bowdin college

Can you play two positions in college?

yes, yes you can because college football is something like middle school football i play two positions runningback and safety

What was the first year the raiders played football?

The Raiders were a charter member of the American Football League, which began play in 1960. They joined the NFL when the two leagues merged in 1970.

What to teams play football game each year on thankgiving?

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Why does villanova play basketball in division one and football in division two?

they do play football in division one, but they play for the fcs and not the fbs, which is still d-1

Who was the first black football player to play football in the NFL?

Charles Follis is believed to be the first black professional football player, having played for the Shelby Blues from 1902 to 1906. Follis, a two sport athlete, was paid for his work beginning in 1904.

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