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The youngest Basketball player ever to win a championship in the finals was ................ Michael Jordan 23 from The Chicago Bulls

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Q: Who was the youngest basketball player to win the finals?
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Who is the youngest NBA player to win the finals?

Andrew bynum

Youngest player to win a NBA title?

The youngest player to win a NBA title is Magic Johnson of the Los Angeles Lakers. He was 20 then when he grabbed a championship ring. He also made history to be the first rookie ever win a Finals MVP award.

Who will win the finals in basketball?

Magic, of course! Just kidding, Lakers will win.

Who will win the 2012 finals in basketball?

Miami heat of course

Do pro basketball atheletes pay for championship rings?

You don't get one if you do not win in the finals. EXCEPT, if an NBA player sells it to you.

Is LeBron James the youngest mvp ever in the nba?

No, the youngest player to ever win the MVP Award is Wes Unseld, who won after the 1968-69 season at age 23 for the Baltimore Bullets. Magic Johnson is the youngest player and only rookie to be named the Finals MVP at the age of 20 years in the 1980 NBA Finals.

Who is the youngest coach to win the ncaa championship in basketball?


What was the results of the 2008 Olympics mens basketball finals?

The United States defeated Spain in the finals, 118-107, to win the gold medal in men's basketball.

What laker player is the only player in NBA finals history to be on the losing team and win the NBA finals mvp?

Jerry West

What date did Boris Becker become the youngest man to win the Wimbledon Men's Singles title?

Boris Becker defeated Kevin Curren in the finals of the 1985 Wimbledon Men's Singles to become, at 17 years old, the youngest man to ever win the Men's Singles title at Wimbledon. Boris Becker defeated Kevin curren in the finals of the 1985 Wimbledon Men's Singles to become the youngest player to win at the age of 17 years and 227 days on 7th July,1985

Can the Chicago Bulls win the NBA Finals?

Yes. Derrick Rose is going to lead the Bulls to the Finals,and I also believe that Ben Gordon will be a better defensive player eventually. He is also a good player. I believe that the Bulls will win the Finals.

Who is the youngest player to win the European cup?

The youngest players to win the Europen cup is Fenando Torres and Cesc fabregas of Spain.

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