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Julio Ricardo

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Q: Who was the last Major League pitcher to throw a perfect game?
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Can a major league pitcher throw a baseball up to 145mph?

no they can not

Is there a limit to the number of pitches one pitcher can throw in a major league game?


Who was the youngest pitcher to throw a perfect game?

Yom Om

Who was the only Dodger pitcher to throw a perfect game?

Sandy Koufax.

Who was the first American League pitcher to throw a perfect game?

Cy Young.Young, of the Boston Americans, threw a perfect game against the Philadelphia Athletics on May 5, 1904 winning 3-0.

How many innings does the average major league pitcher throw?

5.98 innings per start, or about 6 innings, according to

How do you throw the pitches that a Major League Baseball pitcher throws?

Click on the links under the 'Related Questions' heading at the bottom of this page for instructions on throwing the pitches an MLB pitcher throws.

How do you translate pitching speed from little league to major league?

In general, add aboout 20 mph because you are calculating the different pitching lengths. Little league pitchers throw from 45 feet, major leaguers throw from 60.5 feet. For example, a little league pitcher throwing a 70 mph pitch is equivalent to a major league player throwing about a 90 mph pitch.

Who was the last White Sox pitcher to throw a perfect game?

Mark Buehrle

Who was the first pitcher to throw a curveball?

sandy kofaux was the first to perfect the curveball

Can little league pitcher throw a curve ball?

If he is skilled enough

Only pitchers to throw perfect games in both leagues?

No pitcher has ever thrown 2 perfect games.

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