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i beleive MJ

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Q: Who was the first person to wear long shorts in the NBA?
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Who Is First Person To Wear Shorts in Wimbelden Tennis?

Henry Wilfred "bunny" Austin was the first to wear shorts at wimbeldon.

Who was the first to wear the long basketball shorts?

Fab 5 from Michigan State

Which team was the first college basketball team to wear long shorts?

Arkansas 1994

Why men can't wear shorts?

WHAT!?! Men can wear shorts, just as long as they are not to short (Should be at the knees)

Why did the nba go from short shorts to long shorts?

My guess is the short shorts went out of style as you notice back then more guys use to wear short shorts back then in public but now all these guys wear long shorts

When did NBA players start wearing longer shorts?

Michael Jordan would wear his college shorts under his bulls uniform and so he had to wear longer shorts to cover them. he was the first one to do it. in 1992 the Michigan fab 5 then started wearing long shorts and it caught on very quickly everywhere after that.

What to wear on your first day of gymnastics?

Shorts and a t shirt

When is it warm enough to wear shorts?

When you are comfortable! I know people that wear them all Winter long.

What do you wear with jordans?

well for guys you normally wear shorts, if your not like a "wearing short person" you should wear skinny jeans, or normal short for girls its skinny jeans or short-shorts

Does la roux wear shorts?

No - she probably doesn't wear shorts.

What do you wear with shorts?

I wear white knee socks with stripes at the top to match the color of my shorts but only in short shorts. if i wear cargo or board shorts i wear white short socks.

What is do you wear to your mates disco?

try and wear a long top with either shorts or leggings or jeggings or you could wear tights under the shorts or a strapless dress from are storefrom BHS clothing comany

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