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Why do you need to know? It was Ricky Davidson

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Q: Who was the first footballer to have scored a goal without even touching the pitch?
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Which footballer scored the first goal in the English premiership?

I think this will be Brian Deane.

How do you get to first base without touching ball?

By a walk.

What was the name of the footballer that scored the first goal in world cup 2010?

It is Sipne tsabawalla a South African verses Mexico.

Can you score directly from kick off without the ball touching any other player?

Yes, a goal may be scored directly from a kick-off without first touching any other player. However, you cannot score against yourself in this manner (if somehow you kicked the ball forward and the wind blew it back into your own goal, your opponents would get a corner kick).

Which footballer has scored in the premiership the championship the first division the FA cup and the league cup?

Rob Earnshaw!! He has actually scored a Hat-Trick in all of these competitions as well as the next two leagues down, and at international level

Who scored a hatrick in the world cup final 1966?

The first hat trick to be scored in a world cup final.Was scored by the English footballer Geoff Hurst in a 3-2 win over West Germany. One goal was a controversial one as the ball did not cross the line.

Who scored first hattrick in the world cup belonged to Argentina?

Gabriel Batistuta is the only footballer to score two hat tricks in two different world cups, he is from Argentina.

Who was the first footballer to score a goal in the first world cup?

the first footballer to score a goal was lucien laurent.

How long after contracting chlamydia can you get conjunctivitis?

You'll only get conjunctivitis from chlamydia if you transfer the bacteria to your eyes, such as touching your genitals and then touching your eyes without washing your hands first.

Who was the first footballer?

This answer will be hard to answer.

Who was the first ever footballer to score in the premiership?

Brian Deane scored the first goal in the Premier League, for Sheffield United against Man United, on 17 August 1992. Sheffield United won 2-1.

Who was the first footballer in the world?


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