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Willie Mays of the San Francicso Giants

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Q: Who was the Baseball All-Star Game MVP in 1968?
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Who was MVP in 2010 all star game in baseball?

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Who won the 1968 Major League Baseball all-star game mvp?

The Major League Baseball All-Star Game, known as the "Midsummer Classic" started in 1933 when Arch Ward, the sports editor of the Chicago Tribune, put together the first All-Star Game as a part of Chicago's Exposition that year. Since 1962 The MVP Award (Most Valuable Player) has been given to the most outstanding player of the All-Star Game. The winner of the 1968 MLB All Star Game MVP Award was Willie Mays of the San Francisco Giants. The game played in Houston was won by the National League 1 - 0

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For the Pro Bowl played in 1968, Gale Sayers(back) and Dave Robinson (lineman) were the MVP's.

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