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That was Tony Dorsett in a Monday night game against the Minnesota Vikings on January 3, 1983.

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Q: Who was a running back for the Cowboys that scored a 99 yard touchdown run?
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Which running back scored his 100th touchdown against the team he was drafted by?

That was Marcus Allen who was playing with the Chiefs when he scored his 100th touchdown against the Raiders on October 3, 1993.

What NFL running back has scored a touchdown against the most teams in their career?

Jim Brown

Who scored the first super bowl touchdown in the Tennessee titan history?

Eddie George, Running Back.

What player scored first touchdown in Pontiac silverdome?

Ed podolak running back kansas city chiefs . 1st lion touchdown was Dennis Franklin

When did Marion barber did his first touchdown?

The first NFL touchdown for Dallas running back Marion Barber III occurred in the Cowboys' eighth game of the 2005 season. On October 30, in a home game against the Arizona Cardinals, he scored on a 28-yard run in the first quarter. He also scored on a 10-yard run in the second quarter. The Cowboys defeated the Cardinals, 34-13.

When was the last time the Dallas Cowboys played the Washington Redskins on Thanksgiving Day?

The last time that Dallas and Washington met on Thanksgiving Day was on November 24, 2016. The Cowboys outlasted the Redskins, 31-26. Dallas' rookie quarterback Dak Prescott threw a touchdown pass to wide receiver Terrance Williams and scored a rushing touchdown himself. Rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott scored two rushing touchdown's in the Cowboys' team-record 10th consecutive victory.Dallas and Washington have played each other eight times on Thankgiving, with the Cowboys winning seven of the contests.

What running back holds the record for the most career rushing touchdowns in Super Bowl?

Emmitt Smith currently holds the record for most rushing touchdowns in the Super Bowl. He scored five rushing touchdown over three Super Bowls with the Dallas Cowboys.

Which Pittsburgh Steelers running back scored the game winning touchdown in 1984 to send Pittsburgh to the AFC championship game?

On December 30, 1984, Running back Frank Pollardscored on a two yard touchdown run, giving the Steelers a 24-17 win in the AFC divisional game.

Who scored the first NFL touchdown in the National Football League?

Running back Lou Partlow of the Dayton Triangles scored the first touch down in the NFL. It was a 7 yard run vs the Columbus Panhandles.

How many touchdowns did the Dallas Cowboys score in 1994?

The Dallas Cowboys scored 50 touchdowns during the 1994 season. The player with the most TDs was running back Emmitt Smith, who had 21.

Most yards by a running back with out a touchdown?

Darle johnston

Who is the best running back to ever play for the Dallas Cowboys?

Tony Dorsett is the best running back to play for the Dallas Cowboys

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