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Many debate with Nolan Ryan or Aroldis Chapman.

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Q: Who threw the fastest pitch?
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Who threw the fastest pitch in the world?

Pedro martinez

How fast was the fastest pitch Bob Feller ever threw?


Fastest little league pitch?

The fastest Little league pitch was 90 MPH. A twelve year old by threw this pitch. His name is Tanner Beebe.

Who throws the fastest fastball?

The fastest pitch in the major leagues was thrown in 2010. Aroldis Chapman threw a pitch that was measured at 105.1 miles per hour.

Fastest pitch by a 12 year old?

The fastest pitch ever thrown by a 12 year old that was recorded was Zach Ours, who threw 78 MPH.

Who was batting against nolan Ryan when he threw his fastest pitch?

how fast did Nolan Ryan pitch

Which pitcher threw the fastest pitch and how fast did he throw?

Minor Leaguer Steve Dalkowski threw a 108 MPH pitch, the record. The fastest pitch recorded in a major league game under modern valid conditions was 105 MPH by Aroldis Chapman.

What was the fastest picth ever thrown in MLB?

Aroldis Chapman for the Cincinatti Reds threw a 106mph that is believed by many to be the fastest pitch ever.

Who and when was the fastest baseball pitch thrown?

In September 2010, 22 year old Aroldis Chapman of the Cincinnati Reds threw the fastest pitch on record against the San Diego Padres, the pitch was clocked at 105 mph.

How fast was the fastest pitch thrown in MLB history and by who?

Cincinnati Red's Aroldis Chapman threw a pitch at a blistering 105 mph during the 2010-2011 season. it was Nolan Ryan that used to have the record for fastest pitch at 104 mph, but it was not accurate some people say it was faster and some say the pitch was slower. he played for the astros then the rangers. he threw the pitch when he was on the rangers.

Fastest baseball pitch?

115mph Aroldis Chapman a left handed reliever for the Cincinnati Reds has the fastest pitch as verified by MLB at 105.1 MPH. It occurred September 24, 2010 in San Diego. It was a ball. He threw the pitch to Tony Gwynn Jr.

What was Justin Verlander's fastest pitch this year?

Verlander has pitched 102 mph this year. He had two such pitches on 6/12/2007 when he threw the no-no.

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