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ray Allen made the most three pointers in nba history during the finals of 2010

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Q: Who has made most three's pointers in nba finals history?
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Who made the most three's pointers in the nba finals?

Ray Allen 22

Has anybody in history made 100 3 pointers in a row?

Yes, mark Lennon played for the Lakers during the mid-late 80s. he successfully made in 100 threes in a row. look it up

How many three pointers has lebron made in a game?

Vs Milwake Lebron James made 8 threes 8/11

What player on duke's men's basketball team made the most three pointers?

JJ Redick, with 457 threes.

Who is better in three pointer Steve Nash or ray Allen?

Ray Allen is way better in threes than Steve Nash cause in the nba finals he broke a record for threes and made a new record

What NBA team ranked 8th made it to the NBA finals?

The New York Knicks made it to the finals in 1999. They were the first No. 8 seed in history to reach the NBA Finals.

Who made the Most three pointers in college history?

JJ Reddick, Duke, 473

What NBA player has made the most three pointers in NBA history?

Ray Allen

How many 3 pointers did Derek Fisher make in the NBA finals during his career?

As far as playoffs in general, He's made 197 total.

Who made the second most three pointers in the history of the NBA?

Currently, Ray Allen of the Boston Celtics has the second most career three pointers in the NBA.

How many 3 pointers did Robert horry made in the NBA finals?

Robert Horry made 53 3-point field goals all time in the NBA Finals. The next closest player is Michael Jordan, coming in with 42 3-point field goals.

Is Tracy mcgrady good at 3 pointers?

Yes he is infact he is known as one of the greatest and most accurate three point shooters what im trying to say is he didn't miss a lot of threes he mostly made them

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