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The highest point total by a team in the national championship game is 103 by UNLV when they defeated Duke 103-73 in 1990. UNLV is the only team to have scored 100+ points in a national championship game.

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Q: Which team scored the most points ever in a NCAA national championship game?
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In 1993 MVP Sheryl Swoopes scored how many points in the Women's NCAA Championship game?

She scored 47 points

Name of the school that scored more than 100 points in NCAA men's championship game?

UNLV scored 103 points against Duke's 73 in the 1990 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship game.

What player scored the most points in a NCAA championship basketball game?

I believe the answer is Bill Walton, who scored 44 points for UCLA in a Championship game in 1973 or 1974.

Did temple win an NCAA national championship?

No, Temple has never won a NCAA National Championship.

What player holds the record for scoring the most points in an NCAA championship game?

As of the 2008 season, that is Bill Walton of UCLA who scored 44 points in UCLA's 87-66 victory over Memphis State in the 1973 NCAA Division I championship game.

Average total points scored in championship game?

The average total points scored in final division 1 NCAA men's basketball is between 128 and 145. This is the combined score of both teams.

What is the most points scored by an NCAA?


Who won the 2009-2010 basketball National Championship?

Duke Blue Devils beat Butler Bulldogs by 2 points to win the 2010 NCAA Men's National Championship

Who scored the most points in an NCAA season?


Which player first scored at least 40 points in the NCAA national title game?

Gail Goodrich of UCLA in 1965 scored 42 points as UCLA beat Michigan 91-80.

Most points scored by 1 team in NCAA history?

Wyoming scored 103

Who won the 2014 ncaa football national championship?

The Florida State Seminoles won the 2014 NCAA football national championship.

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