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basically all of Liverpool FC

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Q: Which current players still in the premier league have won the champions league but not the premier league?
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What current premier league football players have won the double and the champions league and the European champions?

Nicolas Anelka

Premier league players that have won the champions league but not the premier league?

The Liverpool team.

Which players have won a champions league but not the premier league?

Stephen gerrad

10 current premier league players who have won champions league but not won premiership?

hyypia, Carragher,Gerrard, Finnan etc. Liverpool players... /Qamyar

Which African players have won the champions league and appeared in the premier league?


Who are the current Premier League champions?

Manchester united are the present Barclay champions.

Which current players have won the fa cup premier league champions league and uefa cup?

Carvalho, Ferreria FA Cup: Chelsea Premier League: Chelsea Champions League: Porto Uefa Cup: Porto Kanu Premiership: Arsenal FA Cup - Arsenal UEFA - Inter Champions League - Ajax

Who are the current premier league players to have won the uefa champions league premier league fa cup and have played in Serie A?

Nwankwo Kanu of Portsmouth FC. Other players to have achieved this feat: David Beckham Jaap Stam Jesper Blomqvist

Which 10 players currently in premierleague who Won champions league but not premier league?

Carragher, Gerrard

Which players have won the premier league and champions league?

Ryan Giggs, Paul scholes, and Christiano Ronaldo have won both The champion league and the Premier league.

Who has scored Premier league and champions league hatricks?

Who has scored Premier league and champions league hatricks?

Name the eight current Premier League players who have played for the winning team in a Champions League Final but have never won the Premier League?

Deco,Belletti, Bosingwa - Chelsea Gerrard,Carragher,Hyypia - Lpool McCarthy,Salgado - Blackburn

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