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Q: When was the last time the Toronto maple leafs won a home opener?
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Where was the Toronto maple leafs first game?

The Toronto Maple Leafs originally played home games at the Arena Gardens later known as the Mutual Street Arena. Their first game as the Maple Leafs was played in this arena in 1927-28 when the lost the season opener against New York Rangers 4-2.

Where do the Leafs play their home games?

The Toronto Maple Leafs play their home games at the Air Canada Centre, commonly referred to as the "ACC."

What is the Toronto maple leaf stadium called?

If you are thinking about the Toronto Maple Leafs, a hockey team in the National Hockey League, they now play their home games at the Air Canada Centre, at Bay and the Lakeshore. They used to play their home games at Maple Leaf Gardens, at Church and Carlton. If you are thinking about a baseball team called the Toronto Maple Leafs, there was such a team in the Triple A International League many years ago. They played their home games at Maple Leaf Stadium,which used to be located at Bathurst and the Lakeshore, but it was demolished years ago. The present Toronto Maple Leafs baseball team of the Intercounty League play their home games at Christie Pits, at Christie and Bloor.

Did Toronto maple leafs win the 14th of December 2011?

The Leafs did not play a game 12/14/2011. Toronto won a home game against the Carolina Hurricanes the previous night, 2-1 in overtime.

Did there really used to be a baseball team named the Toronto Maple Leafs?

The Toronto Maple Leafs were a baseball team that existed from 1896 to 1967. Their home games were originally played at Hanlan's Point, on the Toronto Islands (where Babe Ruth hit his first professional home run). In 1926 the Leafs moved to the new Maple Leaf Stadium at the foot of Bathurst Street. Maple Leaf Stadium was demolished in 1968. The Leafs were a powerhouse in the AAA International League, especially during the 1950s, and they won the pennant 12 times. Sparky Anderson and Dick Williams are former Leafs who are in the Hall of Fame. The franchise still exists. In 1968 it became the Louisville Colonels and in 1973 the Pawtucket Red Sox, where it continues to play today. A new team, called the Toronto Maple Leafs, began play in the Ontario Intercounty Baseball League in 1969. These Leafs play their home games at Christie Pits.

Who scored the first goal in the New York Rangers first ever home opener against the Maple Leafs on November 20 1932?

bill cook

What is the professional hockey team of Toronto?

Toronto is the home of the Maple Leafs (Leaves?), and NHL team. However, there may also be junior league teams in the city; it's a fairly large city.

Which sports team has the longest consecutive home sell out streak?

It has not been proven, but there are reports that the Toronto Maple Leafs have sold out every home game since 1946. This has been debated, but the fact that you can not get a ticket in Toronto and it is the hardest NHL ticket to get, it might make sense and even during the bad days in the '80's and the past four years, the Leafs still sell out.

When does maple leafs play?

The usual time the Maple Leafs play is around 7:00 PM eastern time. This is usually when they are at home playing at the Air Canada Centre. If they are the away team, the time usually varies.

What player scored the most points in a NHL game?

Darryl Sittler of the Toronto Maple Leafs had 10 points (6 goals, 4 assists) in a home game against the Boston Bruins on February 7, 1976.

How many of the 16 7-game Stanley Cup series were won by the home team?

12: 1942 Toronto Maple Leafs 1950 Detroit Red Wings 1954 Detroit Red Wings 1955 Detroit Red Wings 1964 Toronto Maple Leafs 1965 Montreal Canadiens 1987 Edmonton Oilers 1994 New York Rangers 2001 Colorado Avalanche 2003 New Jersey Devils 2004 Tampa Bay Lightning 2006 Carolina Hurricanes

Did the nhl during the regular season play back to back games at the home?

Yes. Many teams have back-to-back games from time to time. An example is the Toronto Maple Leafs VS the Philadelphia Flyers who most of the time have back to back games at home during each season.

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