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The St. Louis Cardinals won their first World Series title in 1926.

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Q: When was the first time the St. Louis Cardinals won the World Series?
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When was the St. Louis Cardinals first World Series?

The St. Louis Cardinals played, and won their first World Series in 1926.

When was the first St. Louis Cardinals vs the Texas Rangers?

Believe it or not the St. Louis Cardinals first faced the Texas Rangers in the 2011 World Series.

Who is the first St. Louis Cardinals manager to win world series?

Rogers Hornsby was manager in 1926, their first World Series win.

Where was the first one city World Series held?

The first time a World Series was played in one city was in 1944, in St. Louis. There the National League Cardinals met the American League team, the Browns. As it turned out, the St. Louis Cardinals victory in that Series made it their third straight World Series win.

What years did the St. Louis Cardinals play the Yankees in the world series?

They Played and beat the Yankees in the world series in 1926 4 games to 3. This was also the first time the Cardinals won the Series.

What year did the Minnesota Twins win their first World Series?

The Minnesota Twins won their first World Series in 1987, defeating the St Louis Cardinals in game seven.

First to win World Series as both player and manager?

Billy Southworth. Southworth played on the 1926 St. Louis Cardinals that defeated the New York Yankees in the World Series and managed the 1942 Cardinals that defeated the Yankees in the World Series.

What year did the Milwaukee Brewers go to their first World Series?

The Brewers went to their first, and only, World Series in 1982. They played the St. Louis Cardinals and lost in seven games.

World Series who had the second best World Series record?

The St. Louis Cardinals Are In Second Place With The Most world Series Wins With 9. The New York Yankees Are In First With 27 Wins.

In 1944 St Louis became the first city other than New York and Chicago to have both of its professional baseball teams advance to the World Series. Who did the St Louis Cardinals defeat in that Series?

The Cardinals defeated the St. Louis Browns (now the Baltimore Orioles) 4 games to 2 to win the 1944 World Series.

What year did the KC Royals win their first world series?

The Kansas City Royals won the 1985 World Series over the St. Louis Cardinals, 4 games to 3.

Did Adrian beltre ever win a world series?

Adrian Beltre never won a World Series. He has only played in one World Series- in 2011, in his first season with the Texas Rangers. The Rangers lost that series to the St. Louis Cardinals.

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