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What would soccer be without rules?

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Q: When was the first time soccer got rules and why?
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How has soccer changed over time?

They have got better rules and proper referees, more teams and a lot more players and now they have have started little kids soccer clubs so that the kids don't have to wait 20 years before they can play.

Why does it rain in a rainforest?

it rains in a rainforest because of precipitation; and because of the name RAIN fprest!! it has the name right in it. i cant wait for my soccer game tonight!! go soccer!! soccer rules i know i got off topic sorry

How has the ancient olympic games rules changed over time?

Ancient Greeks changed the rules over time as things got more advanced in the games. Ancient Greeks changed the rules over time as things got more advanced in the games.

What are the World Cup extra time rules?

It's the same as Normal Leagues rules i think , 15 minutes for First half time and another 15 for the Second half , if a Team got a goal in the first extra time they have to Continue the Other extra half time but if they were still Tied they will play Penalties.

How was the first soccer game ever?

At first a person got some socks. Then the person rolled up there socks. Then they made the socks in to a spherical shape. Then they started to kick this odd, shaped sock around. And that's how soccer got started.

Who got to keep the original World cup soccer trophy?

It was Brazil after winning it for the third time.

How old was david beckham when he first played soccer?

He was 16 when he got signed to England International Team

Why do they add time in soccer?

either because both teams drew or both teams got no goals

What was the very first sport played?

No one knows for sure. Some sports were played in the beginning of time, the sports just evolved and got more rules and stuff.

Rules about soccer?

you can't touch ball with hand, every team got 11 players,every team got a captain and a manager idk what to say other watch a game and u'll learn all

How did messi become a pro soccer player?

He got good a soccer

Which is the first international organization which nepal got admitted for first time?

The first international organization which Nepal got admitted for the first time is Kathford International College.

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