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1972, his second year of eligibility.

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Q: When was Yogi Berra inducted into the Hall of Fame?
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What year was Johnny Bench and yogi berra put into the hall of fame?

Yogi Berra was inducted in 1972 and Johnny Bench was inducted in 1989.

Is yogi berra in the baseball hall of fame?

Of course he is.

Names of NY Yankees catchers in hall of fame?

Bill Dickey and Yogi Berra.

What were the events of 1972?

In 1972, NASA started to make the first space shuttle. Also in 1972, Yogi Berra was inducted into the baseball hall of fame, the US got 2 pandas, and Angela Davis was acquitted.

Why are Johnny Bench and Yogi Berra in the hall of fame?

They were two of the greatest catchers in the history of major-league baseball.

What was Lawrence Peter Yogi Berra's pitching record?

Yogi Berra was not a pitcher. He was a Hall of Fame catcher and could also play the outfield. Yogi started one game at third base and one at first base during his career.

What is Baseball Hall of Famer Yogi Berra?


What teammates of Yogi Berra are in the Hall of Fame?

There are several including Joe DiMaggio, Whitey Ford and Mickey Mantle and, probably a few others.

What did baseball legend Yogi Berra say was the two greatest honors he had from baseball?

New York Yankee baseball legend Yogi Berra has said there were two greatest things he received from playing major league baseball. One was being the catcher in the first and only perfect World Series game by pitcher Don Larsen. The other honor was being inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Who came first Yogi Bear or Yogi Berra?

Yogi Berra .

Which hall of famer won 10 world series rings?

Yogi Berra.

How tall was Yogi Berra?

Yogi Berra was 5' 7"

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