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Why was Alexander J Cartwright credited with being the father of Baseball?

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Q: When was Alexander J Cartwright credited with being the father of baseball?
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Who is credited as being the father of parent education?

Alexander J Cartwright

What religion was Alexander Cartwright?

Alexander Cartwright was known as the father of baseball. His religion is not stated on any of his official bios.

What inspired Alexander Cartwright to come up with baseball?

Alexander Cartwright is in the baseball Hall of Fame as one of the father's of modern baseball. His inspiration for creating the modern game came from his days playing ball games in the streets of New York with volunteer firefighters, which he was as a young adult.

Who played borneanaz son and what is his name?

On the TV series Bonanza the three sons of father Ben Cartwright were Adam Cartwright , Eric "Hoss" Cartwright and "Little" Joe - Joseph Cartwright .

What year did baseball start?

It was invented by Abner Doubleday in 1839 in NY.It's a myth that Doubleday invented baseball. Historians have largely disproved the story of Abner and baseball. There are published accounts of the game being played in Ontario Canada prior to this date. Sporting Life magazine published an account of a game in Beachville Ontario, Canada in 1838, a full year before Doubleday was supposed to have invented the game.Variations of the game have been played for centuries in other countries.But the man credited with being the "father of baseball" was Alexander Cartwright.

Who was the father in Bonanza?

Lorne Greene played the part of Ben Cartwright.

What has the author Gene Cartwright written?

Gene Cartwright has written: 'I never played catch with my father' -- subject(s): Fathers and sons, Fiction

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Alexander's father was named King Phillip II of Macedonia.

What did Sir Alexander Fleming's father do for a living?

Alexander Fleming's father was a farmer.

Who was the Father of AlexanderΒ the Great?

alexander 2

What was the father's name on Bonanza?

The role of Ben Cartwright was played by Lorne Greene.

Did Alexander Fleming have parents?

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