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The Yankees longest streak of consecutive winning seasons was 39. It ran from 1926-1964.

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Q: What years did the New York Yankees have the most consecutive winning seasons?
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Did the New York Yankees and Baltimore Orioles both have winning seasons for 18 consecutive years?

The New York Yankees have the record for longest consecutive winning season streak, at 39 years, from 1926 - 1964. The Yankees have also (2010 season) tied the second longest streak (NYY 1993 - 2010), shared by the Baltimore Orioles (1968 - 1985).

Dallas Cowboys nfl records?

They hold the record for most consecutive winning seasons with 20. This was during the Landry years.

What were the last consecutive winning seasons for the Cubs?

The Chicago Cubs had winning seasons in 2007 (85-77) and 2008 (97-64), and as of this writing, stand one win away from 2009 being their third consecutive winning season. Before 2008, the Cubs had consecutive winning seasons in 2003 (88-74) and 2004 (89-73).In the time since the MLB season expanded to 162 games in 1962, the Cubs have had one other string of consecutive winning seasons: the six years from 1967 until 1972.Source:

How many winning seasons have the Cubs had?

In the last 100 years wwothout a World Series Championship, the Cubs have only had 45 winning seasons. More that half of these winning seasons (29) were between the years of 1908 and 1938.

How many consecutive years has a Nascar driver won a race?

In the Nascar Cup Series, Richard Petty had the longest yearly winning streak. The King won at least one race in 18 consecutive seasons (1960-1977).

What team has the most consecutive losing seasons in MLB?

Pittsburgh Pirates 20 consecutive years 1993 - 2011

What is the New York Yankees longest World Series winning streak?

The Yankees longest World Series winning streak is five years. They were the champions from 1949-1953.

How many years did mickey manlte play for the Yankees?

Mickey Mantle played 18 seasons for the New York Yankees.

What NFL team holds record for consecutive losing seasons?

tampa bay 14 years

What is the record for a hockey team playing in consecutive years?

Montreal has been playing since 1917, making them the longest team to play consecutive seasons.

Who was a member of the all-star winning team 7 consecutive years 2003-2009?

derek jeter

How many years did Joe Torre manage the New York Yankees?

Joe Torre was the Yankees manager for 12 seasons (1996-2007).

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