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Olympia, in 776 BCE.

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Q: What was the name of the village where the olympic games were held?
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Where were the olympic games held for the Greeks?

In Olympia (hence the name).

Why were the ancient Olympic games held at Athens?

They weren't. They were held at Olympia, hence the name.

What is the name of the city that held olympic games in 1987?

There was no Olympic Games in 1987... Los Angeles hosted in 1984, Seoul in 1988.

What is the name given to the place where the athletes live during the Olympic Games?

It is called the "Athlete's Village"

What was the name of the building that the ancient Olympic Games held in Olympia?

Temple of Zeus.

Who named the Olympic games the Olympic games?

The Ancient Greeks held the games at Olympus, Greece, thus giving the name 'The Olympic Games'. In 1894, Pierre de Coubertin wanted to continue the Olympics, and named these modern Olympics the 'Modern Olympic Games'.

What is the name of the city which hosted the Olympic games in 1991?

None, it was held in 1992 in Barcelona

How did the olympic games get its name?

Because they were first recorded as being held at Olympia in Greece in 776BC

Name the country where 2016 Olympic Games is going to be hosted?

It will be held in Rio De Janerio, Brazil.

Where was the Festival held for Zeus?

The Olympic Games. Name derived from Mount Olympus where Zeus' throne was located.

Why were the Olympic games given there name?

As far as I know it is because they were started by the ancient Greeks and they were held on Mount Olympia.

What was the name of the man who restarted the olympic games?

Evangelos Zappas sponsored the first modern international Olympic Games in 1859. He paid for the refurbishment of the Panathinaiko Stadium for Games held there in 1870 and 1875. International Olympic Committee was founded in 1894 on the initiative of a French nobleman, Pierre Frédy, Baron de Coubertin. The first of the IOC's Olympic Games were the 1896 Summer Olympics, held in Athens, Greece.

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