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Brett Farve

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Q: What player holds the most NFL records of all the games?
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Who holds the Manchester United records for most games played?

Ryan Giggs

What national league baseball team holds the most records most games won?


What are the college football bowl game records?

Who holds the most consecutive bowl games won?

What NFL team holds the records for most consecutive home games won?

New England

Why is Wayne Gretzky the best hockey player ever?

He holds by far the most records, for things such as most points in a season and got 50 goals in 31 games, which beat rocket richards 50 goals in 50 games.

What is the name of the NHL player who currently holds the record for the most career games played?

Gordie Howe holds the record for most career games played.

What NBA player holds the most career records?

If sharing a record is considered as holding records, then Kobe has the most. Jason Kidd comes after him.

What major league baseball player holds the major league records for games played and assists and double plays?

The Major League Baseball player who holds the career record for the most games played is Pete Rose who has played in 3,562 games, the player who has grounded into the double plays in their career is Cal Ripken, Jr. who has grounded into 350 double plays and the player who holds the career record with having the most assists is Elvis Andrus who has recorded 516 in his career.

Which baseball player holds the record for most games won and most games lost in his career?

Cy Young

What Red Sox Player holds the record for most consecutive games played?

Wade Boggs holds that record.

Which player holds record for most games won 511 and most games lost 316 in his career?

Cy Young.

What Red Sox Player holds the record for most games played?

Carl Yastrzemski holds the record for most career games played with the Boston Red Sox with 3,308.

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