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0% of women play professional football.

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2013-12-15 03:22:25
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Q: What percentage of women play football?
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What percentage of boys play football?

they asked for a PERCENTAGE. around 95.1673 of boys play football but girls are a higher percentage in swimming then boys.

What percentage of broadcasted football is women's?


What percentage of girls play football?

75 :/: of girls actually play football did you know that

Why women should definitely not play games like cricket and football.?

Women can play whatever sport they like. I am a women and I love playing football.

Which game was not play by women?

Football (I mean American football)

What is the average salary for women's professional football?

Silly goose, women can't play football

Do women play football in America?

Yes, they can play football when ever they want for free time

Do women play American football?

they play a little thing called power puff football

Did women ever play professional football?

yes, they do Click on the 'Women's Professional Football League' link on this page to read the history of women in professional football.

What is the percentage of women that play soccer?


Did any women ever played in any NFL football game?

nope,i'm not shure if women are allowed to play nfl.but i do believe there is a league where women do play football.

Can a woman play football?

Yes, I imagine women are allowed to play American football and whether or not they are capable depends on the individual's physical ability and muscular strength. There is an official Independent Women's Football League (IWFL), Women's Football Alliance (WFA) and a Women's Spring Football League (WSFL). These leagues all play according to the laws of American football as normally played in the NFL (National Football League).

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