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wilson kipketer

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Q: What olympic athlete won a medal for two different countries at the same Olympics?
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What is an athelete in the Olympics called?

An Olympic athlete or Olympian competes in the Olympics.

What independent countries will be competing in the 2012 Olympics?

Four athletes will be competing in the Olympics under the Independent Olympic Athletes "country" with the Olympic flag.One athlete is from South Sudan, two from Curaçao, and fourth from the Netherlands.

Qualities of an athlete to be in the Olympics games?

the qualities to be an Olympic athlete are strength,power,speed,balince

How do you enter the 2014 Winter Olympics?

You have to join your country's olympic athlete team. Then you can go to the olympics.

What countries are reprisented at the summer Olympics?

There are 204 different countries or National Olympic Committees NOCs as they are called

What do people have to do to be like an Olympics athlete?

people have to practice as much as they can to be like an olympic athlete because you are representing your country.

How much does a athlete get paid for breaking a world record at the Olympics?

Olympic athletes are not paid.

Where are the modern olympic games held?

In the modern olympics, countries and cities takes turns hosting the olympics. So it's different from time to time.

What Olympic athlete has won the most gold medals in a single Olympics?

Michael Phelps, 8.

How many times has laos won the Olympics?

No athlete from Laos has ever won an Olympic medal.

Do people come from countries or continents for Olympics?

People come from different countries to participate in the Olympic Games. Many of these countries are on different continents, however the athletes represent their country not their continent.

How many countries are competing in 2012 Olympic games?

204200 countries have at least a single athlete

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