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The winners of the Super Bowl receive the Vince Lombardi Trophy

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Q: What is the trophy called that the winners receive after winning the Super Bowl?
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What do Heisman Trophy winners receive?

a trophy

What does the winners of the little league world series receive?

Trophy and banner

In the sport of soccer what do the winners receive?

The team wins a trophy for their club, they also receive a winners medal. But that is only if they win a league or cup final.

List colleges with Heisman Trophy winners and Super Bowl winning quarterbacks?

Roger Staubach and Jim Plunket.

Which sport is related to Bharat kesari trophy in India?

The Bharat Kesari is a wrestling tournament in India. Winners receive the Bharat Kesari Trophy.

Do players on both teams receive super bowl rings or only the winning team?

Only the winning team receives a super bowl ring.

Who in 2012 won a football trophy?

There are many trophies that are given out as awards in football. One of the winners for 2012 trophies is Johnny Manziel of Texas winning the Heisman Trophy.

When does one receive a trophy?

One receives a trophy when one accomplishes a task of excellency. A trophy can also be acquired through the winning of a competition involving other people.

What did the fist world cup winners receive?

When Uruguay won in 1930, they lifted the Jules Rimet trophy

Do Heisman Trophy winners get a cash prize in addition to the trophy?

No, they just receive the award. But there are lucrative endorsement opportunities that come with the award and can really enrich the winner.

Who are all of the Heisman Trophy winners?

Click on the 'Heisman Trophy Winners' link on this page to see a list of all Heisman winners.

Classication of teams that won league title?

The winner of the English league winners are called E.P.Linners . But they are called Champion league winners if they win that trophy.

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