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the school Pennsylvania State University is known for it's Big Ten League College Football Team who play at Beaver Stadium on campus.

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Q: What is penn state known for?
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What is the nickname for Pennsylvania?

Founded by William Penn, it was orginally known as "Penn's Woods" or "Penn's Forest". Now, the official nickname isThe Keystone State. It is also known as The Quaker State.

What is Penn State in?

Penn State is in the STATE of PENNSYLVANIA. Hence, Penn. And State.

Where are penn state dorms?

at Penn State

Who is penn state college named after?

Penn State is short for Pennsylvania State. It named after the state which is named after William Penn.

What is Penn State Altoona's motto?

The motto of Penn State Altoona is 'This is My Penn State Altoona, Make it Yours'.

How many times has Penn State won the Fiesta Bowl?

As of the 2008 season, Penn State is 6-0 in Fiesta Bowl games. 1977 - Penn State 42, Arizona State 301980 - Penn State 31, Ohio State 191982 - Penn State 26, USC 101987 - Penn State 14, Miami 101992 - Penn State 42, Tennessee 171997 - Penn State 38, Texas 15

Why is Pennsylvania known as the quaker state?

They call it the "Quaker State" in recognition of William Penn's First Frame of Government constitution for the state.

Who is the Penn State mascot?

The Nittany Lion is the mascot of Penn State.

Did Penn state win today?

Hell YES!!! We are Penn State!!!

Is every college such as Penn State located in that state capital city?

penn state's campus is not in at state capital. pennsylvania's staet capital is harrisburg, penn state is in state college.

When was Penn State Brandywine created?

Penn State Brandywine was created in 1967.

How many championships does penn state football have?

Penn State- 9 Championships

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