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13wins 8 loses

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Q: What is Jacksonville Jaguars record against the Pittsburgh Steelers?
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What is Pittsburgh Steelers record in Jacksonville?

Prior to the October 5, 2008 game between the two teams in Jacksonville, the Steelers record against the Jaguars in Jacksonville is 3-7. 1995: Jaguars 20, Steelers 16 1996: Jaguars 24, Steelers 9 1997: Jaguars 29, Steelers 21 1998: Jaguars 21, Steelers 3 1999: Jaguars 20, Steelers 6 2000: Steelers 24, Jaguars 13 2001: Jaguars 21, Steelers 3 2002: Steelers 25, Jaguars 23 2004: Steelers 17, Jaguars 16 2006: Jaguars 9, Steelers 0 2008: ?

How many players rushed for 100 yards or more against the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2007?

2 ... Thomas Jones of the New York Jets had 117 yards rushing and Fred Taylor of the Jacksonville Jaguars had 147.

What is the Jacksonville Jaguars record against Buffalo Bills?

The Jaguars are 3-5 against the Bills.

How many games did Peyton Manning play against Jacksonville Jaguars?


When was the Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cardinals match in 2012?

The Pittsburgh Steelers played against the Washington Redskins in the 2012 Super Bowl and did not have a final match against the Arizona Cardinals. Further information can be found on the Pittsburgh Steelers Wikipedia page.

When did the Jacksonville Jaguars have their first game?

September 3rd, 1995 against the Houston Oilers.

What is the Pittsburgh Steelers all-time record versus the Denver Broncos in Pittsburgh?

The Steelers have a 5-7 record, including playoffs, against the Denver Broncos in Pittsburgh.

What is the patriots all-time record vs the jaguars?

The Patriots are 4-0 lifetime in regular season play against the Jacksonville Jaguars. In addition, the Patriots are 2-1 in the playoffs against the Jaguars.

What is the Pittsburgh Steelers vs St. Louis Rams head to head record?

The Rams are 15-6 against the Pittsburgh Steelers all time.

What is favre's longest rush?

40 yards against the Jacksonville Jaguars on September 24, 1995.

What team was against the cowboys in the 1996 Super Bowl?

Pittsburgh Steelers

What was the Pittsburgh Steelers worst loss?

51-0 against the Browns.

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