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Because Hitler wanted just a race of Arians, but Jesse Owens comes along and destroys that by winning 4 gold medals but the Germans still got the most medals and also one of Hitlers' friends betrayed him but becoming friends with Jesse.

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Q: What did Jesse Owens do to embarrass Hitler at the 1936 Berlin Olympics?
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What international sporting events has Berlin hosted?

1936 Berlin Olympics, when Jesse Owens embarrassed Hitler and the 3rd Reich...

Who won 4 medals in the Berlin Olympics why did it make adolf Hitler angry?

Jesse Owens

Did anything unusual happen in Jesse Owens' life?

He managed to humiliate Adolf Hitler in the Berlin Olympics.

What did Jesse Owens did that change history?

Jesse Owens won gold medals in the Olympics and in Berlin. MORE: Hitler refused to give him his medals.

What famous black runner ruined Hitler's master race theory at the Berlin Olympics in 1936?

Jesse Owens

Who was the first African American Olympian who won in the 1936 Berlin Olympics much to the dismay of Hitler?

Jesse Owens

What German leader was upset about Jesse Owens accomplishments?

Adolf Hitler was angered by Jesse Owens spectacular individual and team performances at the Berlin Olympics.

What actors and actresses appeared in High Lights of the 1936 Olympics Berlin - 1936?

The cast of High Lights of the 1936 Olympics Berlin - 1936 includes: Adolf Hitler as himself Jesse Owens as himself

Where did Jesse Owens compete in the Olympics?

In the 1936 olympics in Berlin :P

When was Jesse Owens in the Olympics?

1936, in the Summer Games held in Berlin, Germany. (He displeased Adolf Hitler, by disproving Hitler's theories about the "Master Race" as he defeated his German opponents.)

Why was Jesse Owens victory at the 1936 Berlin Olympics so significant?

Because Adolf Hitler believed the German's would win every field event. Jesse Owens denied that.

In 1936 what did Jesse Owen do?

Jesse Owens won the long jump at the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin and was confronted by Adolf Hitler. (Hitler presented him the gold medal at the Games(Hitler did not like African people and had his state proven wrong because he said"They can't do anything!"))

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