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Alexander Kerensky is a revolutionary leader of the February Revolution and he saw freedom of religion and change that the people deserve. He was made minister of Justice in the Provisional Government but in the November Revolution, it ended the Provisional Government and the power of Kerensky.

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Q: What did Alexander kerensky do for Russia?
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Who was Alexander Kerensky in Russia?

Alexander Kerensky was a lawyer and a member of the socialist party, the Trudoviks. He served as the 2nd Minister-Chairman of the Russian Provisional Government for a short time.

Was Alexander Kerensky associated with Russia or the Soviet Union?

Alexander Kerensky was associated with Russia. He was the second and final head of the Russian Provisional Government, before it was overthrown by Vladimir Lenin and his Bolshevik supporters. The "Soviet Union" did not come into existence until December 1922, well after Kerensky had been deposed.

What is Alexander Kerensky's birthday?

Alexander Kerensky was born on May 2, 1881.

When was Alexander Kerensky born?

Alexander Kerensky was born on May 2, 1881.

What government was set up in Russia after the revolution?

The Provisional Government First led by Prince Georgy Lvov, then by Alexander Kerensky

What did the political party of Alexander Kerensky stand for?

Alexander Kerensky was a member of the Socialist-Revolutionary Party. It was involved in the Russian Revolution.

Who led Russia before Lenin?

The leader of Russia immediately before Lenin was Alexander Kerensky as head of the Provisional Government. Before Kerensky, the leader was Prince Georgy Lvov also as head of the Provisional Government. Prior to them it was Tsar Nicholas II.

Why is Alexander Kerensky famous?

Alexander Kerensky was the second leader of the Russian Provisional Government in 1917 when it was overthrown by Vladimir Lenin and the Bolsheviks.

How is Alexander Kerensky related to animal farm?

Alexander Kerensky is related to the book, 'Animal Farm' because the author chose to write the book about his political importance to him. Alexander Kerensky was a political leader before the Russian Revolutions of 1917.

What was the difference between Alexander Kerensky's leadership and Vladimir Lenin's?

The essential difference between the two is that Kerensky was a capitalist while Lenin was a socialist/communist. Kerensky wanted to continue Russia's part in World War 1 and not change the system of ownership of land. Lenin wanted to end Russia's part in the war and redistribute land from its owners to the peasants that worked them. Kerensky allowed dissent. Lenin did not. Kerensky did not exile, imprison or execute people who did not follow his orders. Lenin did. Kerensky was democratic. Lenin was autocratic.

Who is Alexandre Kerensky?

Alexander Kerensky (1881 - 1970) was a Russian Provisional Government Prime Minister

Who became the leader of Russia after the Czar was overthrown?

Prince Georgy Lvov became the immediate leader of Russia as head of the Provisional Government after the Czar was overthrown. Three months later Alexander Kerensky took over. About three months after that the Bolsheviks overthrew Kerensky and the Provisional Government and Vladimir Lenin became the leader of Russia.

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