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The Dallas Cowboys have lost three Super Bowls, all three played at the Orange Bowl in Miami.

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Q: What NFL team lost in the Super Bowl 3 times in the same stadium?
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How many times have the Denver Broncos lost the Super Bowl?

They have lost the Super Bowl 4 times ...

How many times did the Buffalo Bills lose the Super Bowl?

They have lost the Super Bowl four times.

How many times have the Baltimore Ravens lost the Super Bowl?

They have never lost in the Super Bowl. They won in both Super Bowl XXXV (2009) and Super Bowl XLVII (2013).

How ma ny times have the cardinals pled in the super bowl?

Once. The Cardinals' only Super Bowl appearance was on February 1, 2009 . They lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers, 27-23, in Super Bowl XLIII at Tampa's Raymond James Stadium.

How many times have the broncos lost the super bowl?

4 times.

Do the Philadelphia Eagles have a Super Bowl Ring?

No. The Eagles have lost both times they have been in the Super Bowl.

How many times have the bears lost the super bowl?

They've only lost the Super Bowl one time when they lost to the Indianopolis Colts 29-17.

What team had three Super Bowl losses in the same stadium?

The Dallas Cowboys lost Super Bowls V, X and XIII in the Miami Orange Bowl.

How many times have the pakers made it to the Super bowl?

3 Won 2 times lost to Broncos Won Super Bowl 1, 2 and 31 lost 32

Who did the eagles beat in the Super Bowl?

The Eagles have only played in the super bowl twice, and they lost both times.

When if ever did the Eagles win a Super Bowl?

Never. The have been to the Super Bowl twice and lost both times.

How much times have the 49ers been to the super bowl?

They have been to the super bowl 6 times. They are 5-1 in the super bowl, winning super bowls XVI, XIX, XXIII, XXIV, and XXiX. They lost Super bowl XLVII.

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