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Q: What NBA player wore number one?
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Is Dirk Nowitzki the number one NBA player?

Perhaps he is the best middle range shooter......but definitely not number one player

Who is number 32 in the NBA?

One player who wears the number 32 in the NBA is Richard "Rip" Hamilton. He plays on the Detroit Pistons.

Which current player wears the number 59?

There are no current NBA or CBA players who wear the number 59. In fact no one has ever wore the number 59. It is not a common jersey number, as many of the jersey numbers happen to feature lower numbers.

Which players wore number 20 in the NBA?

There are 270 players who wore the number 20 at one point. The notable players are: Ray Allen, Manu Ginobili, Gary Payton, and Micheal Ray Richardson.

What player in the nba wears number 12?

There have been 332 players who wore the number 12 in the NBA and ABA at one point. Some notable current players are LaMarcus Aldridge, Shannon Brown, Kirk Hinrich, Dwight Howard, Kevin Martin, Tyrus Thomas, Al Thornton

Who nba player wear a jersey number 17?

Andrew Bynum is one

Who wore number 7 in the NBA?

There has been 238 players who wore the number 7 in the NBA and ABA at one point, some notable current players are: Andrea Bargnani, Chauncey Billups, Ben Gordon, Shawn Marion, Jermaine O'Neal, Lamar Odom, Brandon Roy.

What nba players ever wore number 10?

one of the most famous point guards who wear it now is mike bibby

Who wore number 41 for Boston bruins?

Jason Allison was one player that had 41

Which player wore 20 in 2002-2003 nba season?

more than one player can have the number 20 on their jersey, as long as theri not on the same team. if u trade for a player with a number u already have on your team, one must change their number(this usually happens to the weaker player) A few examples of players with 20 are Manu Ginobli, Ray Allen, and formerly Gary payton

Who was a famous soccer player wears or wore the 3?

One famous player who wore the famous number 3 jersey was Paulo Maldini , of Italy and A.C. Milan.

What softball players wore the number nine?

any player can wear it ;one per team only TED Williams wore it in baseball.

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