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melky cabera

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2010-10-12 21:54:32
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Q: Name the last switch hitter to throw left handed.?
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Has there ever been a switch handed pitcher?

yes there was a switch pitcher and his name was pat venditte on the new york yankees and you could switch the way your batting even if your not a switch hitter cause many people say it would not be fair that the pitcher can switch hands and most of the batters aren't switch hitters so they can only switch sides three times and then they had to stay where they are even if they're aren't a switch hitter

Why is a 3-way switch classified as a single pole switch?

The name "3-way switch" is very commonly used but it is wrong. It is actually a "3-terminal switch". The correct technical term for it is a a "single pole, double throw" switch.

What is the correct name of the stance for a right-handed boxer?

The correct name of the stance for a right-handed boxer is orthodox.

What is directional name given to left-handed people?

The common directional name given to left-handed people is southpaw. Strangely, a right handed person is not called a northpaw.

What is another name for two-handed hammer?

Two handed hammer- sledge hammmer

What was the name of the musician to use a right handed guitar left handed?

Jimi Hendrix

Did john linen play the guitar left handed?

No,He was right handed and his last name is spelled "Lennon"

What is the name of a rugby throw?

the name of a rugby throw is called a'throw in' which a thrown in by the 'hooker' of the team.

How does a single pole switch differ from a three way?

A proper "3-way switch" would be capable of being switched to 3 different positions and could have one, two or more poles. Each pole could be either single- or double-throw."How does a single pole switch differ from a three way?" is a trick question often asked to catch-out new trainee electricians because the common but mis-named "three-way switch" is actually a single pole, double throw switch, i.e. it is only a 2-way switch, not a 3-way switch.A pair of "3-terminal, single pole, double throw" switches are often used to hook-up two separate light switches to control one light or one set of lights.The same answer put in a different wayDespite the fact that the name "3-way switch" is often used to describe it, if it is of the type that has just one pole that can only be physically switched 2 ways, the name "3-way switch" is quite wrong for that particular switch. A "3-terminal, single pole, double throw" switch" is a more accurate description for it.

What is a black-handed gibbon?

A black-handed gibbon is a primate in the Hylobatidae family, Latin name Hylobates agilis.

What is another name for a left handed boxer?


What is the name of a sport where athletes throw a flat circle?

discus throw

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