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The longest field goal in the history of the NFL is 64 yards, by Matt Prater (2013).

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Q: Longest field goal ever made
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What distance has been the longest field goal ever scored at a football game?

In the NFL:Regular season: 63 yards, Tom Dempsey, Jason ElamPreseason: 65 yards, Ola Kimrin The longest field goal ever was made by Ove Johannson for NAIA College Football's Abilene Christian versus East Texas State on October 16,1976.

How many points is a field goal worth?

In basketball, a field goal (a shot made from outside the three-point line) is worth three points.

What are the rules of scoring in basketball?

A made free throw is one point. A made field goal is two points. A field goal attempted beyond the arc is a three point shot attempt. A made three point shot is three points.

Longest run in NFL history?

The longest run in nfl history was executed by Antonio Cromartie of the San Diego Chargers. He caught a failed field goal attempt (made by the Minnesota Vikings) at the back of his own endzone and ran 109 yards all the way to the other endzone to score a touchdown on November 4th, 2007.

What is the NFL record for longest run?

The longest rushing TD play was made by Tony Dorsett of the Dallas Cowboys scored a 99 yard rushing TD on 01/03/1983 against the Minnesota Vikings. The most total yards ran for on 1 play was made by Antonio Cromartie of the San Diego Chargers when he returned the ball 109 yards, on a missed field goal, for a TD on 11/04/2007 against the Minnesota Vikings. How strange that they both happened against the Minnesota Vikings . . .

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