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Tottenham have won a total of 26 trophies in all competitions.

Liverpool have won 63.

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Q: How much more trophies have Liverpool won than tottenham?
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Manchester United have won much more trophies than Chelsea have.

Who is better Manchester United or Tottenham Hotspur?

Tottenham have played Manchester United 183 times professionally since 1898.Tottenham Hotspur have won - 48 times.Manchester United have won - 86 times.They have drawn 49 times.Based on the fact that Manchester United have won more trophies and games, they are the better team.

Are Everton fc better than Liverpool fc?

Statistically, no. Liverpool have more trophies and bigger names at their club. Also, Liverpool has a much richer history. Most of the time, Liverpool finishes above Everton on the league table, however in the last two seasons ('12 and 13') that has not been the case. Both teams have much promise for the 2013-2014 season though, so we will see how things progress through the future.

What are all the possible trophys to get on webkinz?

all the game trophies and much, much more to come

How much is Liverpool worth?

More then the majority of premier league teams.

How much will it cost does it cost to Get from Liverpool airport to Liverpool city centre?

it will cost about 30 quid(pounds) no more than 50quid

How much trophies do Celtics have?


Is Liverpool better than Manchester United?

Manchester United are much better than Liverpool FC. Manchester United FC has many more honors.defnently Liverpool are better than manu!

Who is better Arsenal or Tottenham?

Arsenal is much better

How much is one share of Tottenham Hotspur worth?

In 2011, Tottenham Hotspur de-listed themselves from the Stock Market.

How many trophies has Jose Mourinho won for Chelsea?

he has won 3 trophies for Chelsea as much as i can recollect

Who is better - Liverpool or Manchester united?

Liverpool are much better

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