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how many years did it take john elway to get to the super bowl?

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Q: How many years did John Elway play for the Broncos?
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How many Super Bowls did the Denver Broncos win while john elway was the quarterback?

The Denver Broncos won 2 Super Bowls with John Elway at quarterback.

How many NFL teams did John Elway played?

John was not drafted by the Broncos, but played for the Broncos his whole career.

How many years was John Elway the quarterback for the Denver Broncos?

John Elway was the quarterback for the Denver Broncos for 15 years, completing 16 seasons, and became an icon in his time. His entire career was always football, including playing college football for Stanford.

How many Super Bowls did John Elway win?

Two. John Elway was the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos wins in Super Bowls XXXII and XXXIII.

How many losing seasons have the Denver Broncos had since John Elway's retirement?

two. 1999 and 2007

How many times did the Denver Broncos go to the Super Bowl without John Elway?

Once, in 1977.

How many wins and losses does John Elway from the Denver Broncos team have at the Super Bowls?

John Elway played in a record 5 Super Bowls with 2 Wins and 3 Losses.

How many times was john elway benched by the broncos?

He has been benched 3 time's due to interception's and fumble's.

How many years did John Elway play for the NFL?

John Elway's career spanned 16 seasons (1983-1998), all with the Denver Broncos. He Played for 16 years. John Albert Elway, Jr. (born June 28, 1960) played American football quarterback in the National Football League (NFL) for the Denver Broncos from 1983 through 1998. Elway holds many college and professional records and was inducted to the Pro Football Hall of Fame and is the only quarterback to have started in five Super Bowls. (wikipedia

How many years did John Elway play for the Eagles?


How many years did john elway play in the NFL?


How many kids does John elway have?

John Elway has four children.

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