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Germany has won the Europen champioship thrice.

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Q: How many times has Germany won the football European championship?
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How many times have Spain won the European Football Championship?

four times

How many times have Italy played in the European football championship?


How many times have Italy won the European Football Championship?

once in 1968.

What country has won the European championship the most times?

It is Germany with three wins.

How many times Germany won the euro?

Germany won European championship (1972, 1990, 1996). They have also been runners-up three times in the European Championships.

Whose European country who won two times the European football cup?

Spain and France have both won the European Championships twice. Germany (including West Germany) have won it three times.

Which country win the euro cup in football 3 times?

Germany was the first country to win the European cup three times.

How many times has Kansas won a national championship in football?

um yes he did do the championship at the football game with his team!.

How many times has Dublin Gaelic football team won the Championship?

As of the end of the 2016 championship, Dublin have won the All-Ireland senior football championship 26 times.18911892189418971898189919011902190619071908192119221923194219581963197419761977198319952011201320152016

Has Switzerland won any European cups?

The Switzerland national football team has only ever qualified for the European Championship three times and has never made it past the first round.

Which country has most appearances in football World Cup final?

Brazil and Germany have each made it to the World Cup championship match 7 times.

How many times did Spain win the European championship?


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