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Only one perfect game has been thrown in the postseason, done by Don Larsen in 1956 postseason against the Brooklyn Dodgers.

There have been only two no-hitters tossed on playoff history, with one of them being Don Larsen's perfect game. The other was by Roy Halladay (the 2010 postseason against the Cincinnati Reds).

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Q: How many perfect games have been thrown in the postseason?
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How many perfect games have been thrown by Chicago Cubs?


How many perfect games have been thrown in history?


What pitcher has pitched a perfect game of only 27 pitches?

In the history of Baseball, as of the 2012 Major League Baseball (MLB) season, 21 perfect games ("27 up, 27 down") have been thrown - 19 of which have been thrown in the Modern Era. Of these 21 perfect games thrown, none has been pitched with only 27 pitches being thrown. On record, the fewest pitches thrown in a perfect game was 74 pitches thrown by Addie Joss of the Cleveland Naps against the Chicago White Sox on October 2, 1908.

Has anyone ever pitched more than one perfect game in major league baseball?

No. There have been 20 perfect games thrown by 20 different pitchers.

How many times have the Dallas Cowboys been to the playoffs?

As of January 2014, the Dallas Cowboys have been to the postseason 30 times, and played in 55 postseason games. They have won 33/55 games.

How many perfect games in the history of major league baseball?

As of now (April 23, 2012) there have been 21 perfect games thrown. Most recently was April 21, 2012 by Philip Humber of the Chicago White Sox against the Seattle Mariners.

How many no hitters have been pitched in major league baseball since 1967?

105.Through games played on September 21, 2009 there have been 105 no hitters thrown in MLB between 1967-2009. 10 of these no hitters have been perfect games.

How many perfect games have been pitched in?

there have only ever been 18 perfect games in baseball history.

How many postseason games have the Pittsburgh Steelers been in?

Through the 2010 season, the Steelers have played in 53postseason games. They have a 33-20 record.

Was there a game without any flags thrown?

There have been fewer than five NFL games that have been played without any penalty flags thrown. The games occured during the 1930s and the 1940s and there have not been any flag-free games since (as of August of 2013).

How many perfect games have been pitched in major?


What pitcher in baseball history has the most perfect games?

In baseball history there have only been 18 perfect games by 18 different pitchers.

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