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One loss.

It was in Super Bowl XXX to the Dallas Cowboys. The final score was 27-17.

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Q: How many Super Bowl losses have the Pittsburgh Steelers had in their entire history?
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Which team has beat the Pittsburgh Steelers the most?

Through the 2009 season, the Steelers have lost to the Cleveland Browns 56 times in their history. That is the most losses the Steelers have against one team.

What are the most amount of games the Pittsburgh Steelers ever lost?

In 1969, the Steelers finished the season at 1-13. That was the most amount of losses in team history in a single season.

What was the Pittsburgh Steelers record in 1986?

6 wins and 10 losses.

What does Pittsburgh Steelers 6 - 2 mean?

6 wins and 2 losses.

What was the Pittsburgh Steelers record in 1963?

The Pittsburgh Steelers finished the 1963 season with a record of 7 wins 4 losses 3 ties (7-4-3).

What are the Pittsburgh Steelers total amount of wins and losses in the Super Bowl?

The Steelers played in eight Super Bowls, they have a 6-2record.

How many losses have the Pittsburgh Steelers had in the last 10 years?

From 2002-2011, the Steelers have lost 54 regular season games.

What is the percentage of wins to losses when the Pittsburgh Steelers play the Cincinnati Bengals?

The Steelers are 52-32 against the Bengals. Their first matchup was in 1970.

How many games did the Pittsburgh Steelers win in 1998?

The Pittsburgh Steelers won 7 games in the season of 1998-1999. They had a season record of 7-9. (7 Wins and 9 Losses)

What was the Pittsburgh Steelers record in 1933?

In 1933 they were actually know as the Pittsburgh Pirates and finished with a record of 3 wins 6 losses and 2 ties.

What is the Baltimore Ravens away record against the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Ravens vs. Steelers (1996-2010)RavensHome Wins: 5, Home Losses: 7, Away Wins: 6, Away Losses: 11

How many losses since 1970 do the Pittsburgh Steelers have?

From 1970 through January 15, 2011, the Steelers have lost 246 regular season games and 18 in the playoffs.

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