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Yes. The Steelers won 4 Wild Card playoff games in their history. They defeated the Houston Oilers 26-23 in the 1989 playoffs, the Indianapolis Colts 42-14 in the 1996 playoffs, the Cleveland Browns 36-33 in the 2002 playoffs and the Cincinnati Bengals 31-17 in the 2005 playoffs.

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Q: Have the Pittsburgh Steelers ever won a Wild Card playoff game?
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How many NFL wild card teams have won the super bowl and won all their playoff games on the road?

The Pittsburgh Steelers did in 2005.

How many Wild Card games have the Pittsburgh Steelers played in?

The Steelers have played in seven Wild Card games. They have a 4-3 record.

What was the last wild card team to win the Super Bowl?

Pittsburgh Steelers

What was the first Wild Card team to win the super Bowl?

The Pittsburgh steelers in 2008

How many wild card pick teams have won the super bowl?

The only wild card team to ever win the superbowl is the Pittsburgh Steelers

What are the release dates for The NFL on CBS - 1956 Wild Card Pittsburgh Steelers at Denver Broncos 52-18?

The NFL on CBS - 1956 Wild Card Pittsburgh Steelers at Denver Broncos 52-18 was released on: USA: 8 January 2012

When was the last Pittsburgh Steelers loss in the first round of the playoffs?

AFC Wild Card Game - January 8, 2012 - Denver Broncos (29) Pittsburgh Steelers (23)

Did the Pittsburgh Steelers make the playoffs in 2011?

Yes, they did. The Steelers lost to the Denver Broncos in the AFC Wild-Card game, 29-23 in OT.

Who did The Pittsburgh Steelers loose to in 08?

The Steelers lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars in the Wild Card round on January 5, 2008, by the score of 31-29.

Wild card in baseball?

how many wild card teams will be in baseball playoff

Who is the only wild card team to win the Super Bowl?

The Pittsburgh Steelers in they're 5th supper bowl win

What were the scores of all of the Patriots' playoff games in 2001?

Patriots playoff games in the 2001 season: Wild Card Game: Patriots 16, Oakland Raiders 13 Conference Championship: Patriots 24, Pittsburgh Steelers 17 Super Bowl: Patriots 20, St. Louis Rams 17

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