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No, they have never won an NBA Championship

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Q: Have the Phoenix Suns ever won an NBA Championship?
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Has the phoenix suns ever won a championship?

No, they have never won an NBA Championship.

How many NBA championships does the Phoenix suns have?

The Suns have never won a NBA championship. They have been to the finals twice in their history, losing both times.

Who did the Chicago Bulls beat to win the 1993 NBA championship?

The Bulls defeated the Phoenix Suns, 4 games to 2, to win the 1993 NBA championship.

Does Charles barkley have a championship ring?

Charles Barkley does not have a championship ring. The closest he has ever got to winning a championship, was in 1993, when he played with the Phoenix Suns in the NBA Finals against the Chicago Bulls and lost 4 games to 2.

What is arizonas NBA team?

Phoenix Suns

Have the phoenix suns won a NBA title?


Who won the 1992-93 NBA Championship beating the Phoenix Suns 4 to 2?

Bulls pulled out a 99-98 victory

How many NBA championships did the Boston Celtics win in the 1970s?

Two. They won the 1974 championship against the Milwaukee Bucks and the 1976 championship against the Phoenix Suns.

What year did the Phoenix suns start playing in the NBA?

1968 as an expansion team. The NBA expanded in 1968 adding the Phoenix Suns and the Milwaukee Bucks

Who did the Phoenix Suns play in the 1976 NBA Finals?

1976 Phoenix Suns 2-4 Boston Celtics

When did the Phoenix Suns win an NBA title?

Through the 2008 playoffs, the Suns have never won an NBA title.

Which team has the oldest playters in the NBA?

probably the Phoenix suns, but really its who ever signs shaq, cuz he is the oldest player in the NBA , hes 38

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