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Q: Have the Colorado Rockies ever won a world series?
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Has the Colorado Rockies ever played in a world series game?

In 2007 they played in the world series and lost to the Boston Red Sox

Have the Colorado Rockies ever appeared in a World Series?

In 2007 against the red sox. They got swept.

When have the Colorado Rockies ever played at Yankee Stadium?


Has a little league team from Colorado ever won the Little League World Series?

No. Indeed, no Colorado team has ever played in the championship game of the LLWS.

Who is the main rival of the Colorado Rockies?

Ever since last season, the Arizona Diamondbacks

What is the worst baseball team?

the worst team ever is the Seattle Mariners,Tampa Bay Rays, Milwalkee Brewers, and the Colorado Rockies because all those teams have 0 world series wins. all the others have at least 1.

Who did the Colorado Rockies beat for the franchise's first win?

The Colorado Rockies first ever victory was an 11-4 win over the Montreal Expos on April 9, 1993 at Mile High Stadium in Denver.

What pitcher won 20 games for the Colorado Rockies?

No pitcher ever won 20 games for the Colorado Rockies. Ubaldo Jimenez was the closest, with 19 wins in 2010.Jimenez would also throw the first no-hitter in Rockies history on April 17, 2010.

Who hit the first home run for the Colorado Rockies at milehigh stadium?

Eric Young, in the first ever at bat by a Rockie at the stadium.

When did the Arizona Diamondbacks play their first home game against the Colorado Rockies?

March 31, 1998 ... it was the Diamondbacks first ever regular season game. The Rockies won the game 9-2.

Have the Colorado Rockies ever been in the playoffs before?

yes in 1995 they won the wild card. They also won the wild card in 2007 .

Have the Brewers ever won a World Series?

The Brewers have yet to win the World Series.

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