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Q: Has there ever been a football score of 4-2?
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What team did USC football beat 42-38 in 1990?

USC never beat a team 42-38 in 1990 The closest score to this question was USC beat UCLA 45-42 if that helps

When did Ohio State ever beat USC in football?

In the 1974 rose bowl, 42-21

What trumpeter became the oldest to ever score a chart topping single in 1964?

Al Hirt-age 42

What is score representing the meaning of life?

the score is: 42

How do you become a Machop in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Personality Quiz?

You 42 the 42 and 42 more 42's than 42 have been 42 ever 42 before 42 became 42

What is the highest score ever recorded in an soccer game?

Most goals scored goes way back in 1950, Spain 42-12 Slovekia Arbroath's victory against Bon Accord on 12 September 1885 was the biggest margin ever in any football match, the final score was 36-0. The most recent highest score in a soccer match is 13-0, Germany vs San Marino.

What is y score?


Score of summer 42 Michel legrand?

Yes . . . the score for the film "Summer of '42" was composed by Michel Legrand.

What is your score if you got 3 answers wrong out of 42 questions?

(42-3)/42 = 39/42 = 92.9%

Who won the 22ND American football Super Bowl and what was the score?

The Washington Redskins defeated the Denver Broncos, 42-10, to win Super Bowl XXII.

What his highest score of Ronaldo?

42 goals

What was the score of the Ohio State versus Michigan football game last year?

I'm not sure what year you asked this, but in 2005 25-21 win, 2006 42-39, 2007 14-3, and 2008 42-7

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