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most recently, this year 2010, the Oakland Raiders went undefeated in the AFC west, finished 8-8, third in that division

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2011-01-03 13:04:07
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Q: Has an NFL team ever went undefeated within the division and not made the playoffs?
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Has an NFL team ever went undefeated in it's division yet fail to make the playoffs?

Yes. The only team in the NFL to ever go undefeated and untied in division play without making the playoffs was the 2010 Oakland Raiders, who finished the year third in the AFC West division (and out of the playoffs) at 8-8-0, despite going 6-0-0 in division play.

Have the Bengals ever been undefeated in their division?

They were in the 2009 season if you mean have they ever beat the three teams in their division twice.

Did any teams ever go undefeated in the NHL playoffs?

back when there were only six teams and you only had to win eight games in the playoffs--I'm sure someone did it.

Has there ever been 3 mlb teams from the same division to get to the playoffs?

No, the playoffs are designed so that the three division winners in each league are automatically in the playoffs. A wild card team in each league makes the playoffs with the best record among non-division winners.

Has an nba team ever gone undefeated in their division?

No team in NBA history has gone undefeated in their division. The Boston Celtics in 08-09 went 15-1 in their division, as did the Miami Heat in 03-04. In 1949-50 the Syracuse Nationals also went 15-1 in their division.

Has an NFL team ever missed the playoffs after winning every division game?

The 2010 Raiders won all 6 of their division games. Not only did they miss the playoffs, they still managed to finish 3rd in their own division. The 9-7 Chargers finished 2nd and also missed the playoffs.

Has an NFL team ever swept their division and not made the playoffs?

Yes. The 2010-11 Raiders!

Has rookie quarterback ever won division?

Yes, Mark Sanchez has won the divisional playoffs.

Has an nfl team ever won their division but not make the playoffs?

No. A team that outright wins their division always qualifies for post season play.

Who has the worst division in the NFL?

NFC West Division leading Seahawks are the first team to ever make the playoffs with a losing record of 7-9.

Did the Dallas Cowboys ever go undefeated?

No, the Cowboys have never gone undefeated.

What American Football League teams have gone undefeated?

No AFL team ever went undefeated. The 1972 Miami Dolphins are the only NFL team to have ever gone undefeated.

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