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Yes. He wore it from 1996 to 2005.

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Q: Did Jerome Bettis wear number 36 for the Pittsburgh Steelers?
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What was the number for Jerome Bettis of the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Jerome Bettis wore number 36 for the Steelers from 1996 to 2005.

What is Jerome Betts's team number?

Jerome Bettis's Team number when he played for the Steelers was 36

Who wore number 36 in the nfl?

Jerome Bettis...Rams & Steelers

Name the team and number of Jerome Bettis?

Jerome Bettis played for the Los Angeles/St.Louis Rams from 1993 to 1995. He then played for the Pittsburgh Steelers from 1996 up until his retirement after the 2005 season. Jerome wore the number 36 throughout his entire career.

What number did Jerome Bettis wear when he was with Pittsburgh?

"The Bus" wore #36.

Which famous sports star wore number 36?

Jerome Bettis, Retired Steelers Runningback

What was Jerome Bettis number in college?

In his college career at Notre Dame, Jerome Bettis wore the number 6

What number was Jerome Bettis?

his number was 36

What was Jerome Bettis' team number?

his number was 36

What NFL player wore number 36?

the bus jerome betis Pittsburgh steelers

Who wears number 36 for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

There has not been a #36 on the Steelers since the retirement of Jerome Bettis after winning Super Bowl XL in 2006. While the Steelers do not officially retire numbers, there are certain numbers that are never issued to players, and #36 is now one of those numbers - the only way a player is ever likely to wear #36 for the Steelers again is if Bettis gave that player his permission to do so.

What famous football players wore number 36?

Jerome Bettis

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