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OJ Simpson has five children. Their names are Arnelle Simpson, Jason Simpson, Aaren Simpson, Sydney Brooke Simpson, and Justin Ryan Simpson.

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Q: OJ simpsons children
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How old are OJ Simpsons children today?


What was OJ simpsons IQ?

89. seriously.

What is OJ simpsons name?

Orenthal James Simpson

What is the instrument played by Dole in the Simpsons?

Banjo. OJ nabs it

How far was OJ Simpsons house from Nicole Brown Simpsons house?

Less than two miles away

Where is OJ simpsons bentley?

O.J had multiple Bentley's, but he sold most of them.

OJ simpsons lawyers?

Johnnie Cochran F.Lee Bailey Robert Shapiro Robert Kardashian Alan Dershowitz

What is OJ Simpsons story?

OJ Simpson is a famous American football player who was suspected of murdering his wife. He was found not guilty, but quite a few people still believe he is guilty. He was recently arrested and charged for Armed Robbery.

What was the episode of the simpsons where OJ Simpson slashed everyone in the crowd and ran away at the end of the show?

That was the Family Guy episode, The Juice is Loose

Are OJ Simpson kids in school?

The murder happened about 18 yrs ago and both OJ and Nichole's children are in their 20s. They are both long out of school and working. OJ's children from his first wife are no longer in school either. They've been out of school a long time.

Who were OJ Simpsons lawyers in the murder case?

OJ Simpsons' lawyers were F. Lee Bailey; Robert Shapiro; Alan Derschowitz; Robert Kardashian; Gerald Uelmen (dean oflaw at Santa Clara University); Carl E. Douglas and Johnnie Cockran. Also there were two attorneys specializing in DNA BarryScheck and Peter Neufeld.

What were the name of the lawyers who defended OJ Simpson?

Robert Shapiro, F. Lee Bailey, Allen Dershowitz, Robert Kardashian, Johnnie Cochran, Carl E. Douglas and Gerald Uelman were OJ Simpsons defense lawyers for the double murder case.

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