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An open loop system has no feedback. So if you had a resistance heater with an on/off switch and no thermostat it would just continually supply heat without regard to the temperature of the room. To stop the heat you would turn it off. In essence you become the feedback.

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2012-09-04 12:49:38
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Q: Example of open loop system
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Advantages and disadvantages of open loop control system?

Describe the advantages and disadvantages of open loop system and closed loop system?? open loop system hasn't feed back

Examples of the open loop system?

The system without feedback is known as open loop system. The examples of the open loop system are bread toaster, oven ,washing machine. The open loop systems are inaccurate & less complex.

Advantages of open loop control system?

The open loop system is simple and economicaleasier to constructstable

Advantages of The Open Loop control?

Doing sex is an example of open loop so in this system u cannot control the amount of sperms entering your partner

What is sensitivity of open loop control system?

The sensitivity of an open loop control system is always 1, it is due to no feedback involved in open loop.

Is Human body open or closed loop control system?

human body is basically a mixture of open loop and closd loop system, all those actions where reflex actions come into picture, they make it a closed loop system and at some places it is open loop

Why closed loop control system is much stable than open loop control system?

A Closed loop system basically will have a feedback which enables the rectification of the error in the main process,whereas it is not possible in an open loop system

Is washing machine is open loop or closed control system and why?

closed loop system

Example of a open loop system?

Ceiling fan,light bulb,washing machine,toaster etc.

What the differs between a close loop control system and an open loop control system?

close loop control system: "A system in which the control action is somehow dependent on the output is called as closed loop system".- For example: automatic electric iron, DC motor speed controlled by tacho feedback, railway reservation display system, missile launched and auto tracked by radar loop control system "A system in which the control action is totally independent of the output of the system is called as open loop system".- For example: automatic hand driver, automatic washing machine, bread toaster, traffic signal etc.

Is the gain same for the same system in open loop and close loop?


Is Computerized Numerical Control machine open loop system or closed loop system?


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