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The pressure in a soccer ball usually reaches 7.5 to around 8 pounds of air pressure.

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Q: Air pressure in a soccer ball?
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What happen to pressure when increase room air change?

by increasing the room air change, pressure remains constant

What is meant by loading and unloading in air compressor?

In an air compressor, there are devices that automatically stops the compressor from compressing air. A mechanical unloader is sometimes installed in large air compressors such that air valves are open when the set pressure is attained. When this happens, the drive motor continues running but no air pressurre is pumped to the receiving tank during the unloading period. When the pressure in the tank is reduced to a set level, the air valves in the compressor automatically closes and air pressure is again developed, this called pressure loading. In many oinstances, compressors are contolled only by pressure switches to automatically stop the drive motor at a set pressure and restart at a lower pressure.

An altimeter is an adaptation of what?

The altimeter is basically a specialized pressure gauge. It measures the pressure of the column of air above it. As the altitude varies, the air column height varies, which registers on the altimeter. Since the air pressure also varies with changes in the barometric pressure, altimeters must have an adjustment to compensate for changes in local barometric pressure.

What is multistage reciprocating air compressor?

A multistage reciprocating air compressor is a compressor that compresses air in a number of stages. A multi-stage reciprocating air compressor may contain 2 or many cylinders, like low pressure, medium pressure and high pressure cylinders.

What is the difference between Trunnion mounted ball valves and floating ball valves?

Sealing Makes all the difference. The key difference beteween a floating ball valve and a trunnion mounted ball valve is how each achieves a line seal. Trunion mounted ball valves are uses a spring mechanism and/or line pressure assistance to drive the upstream seat against the stationary ball. The surface area exposed to the pressure through the relatively small passageway is actually just the back of the seat. The floating ball valve utilize natural line pressure to press and seal the ball against the downstream seat. The line pressure is exposed to a greater surface area - the entire upstream face of the ball, which is an area equal to the actual pipe size.

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What is the air pressure of a soccer ball?

7.5 PSI.

Is a air inside of a soccer ball a gas or liquid?

Gas. A soccer ball is filled with gas under pressure.

Do a soccer ball have energy?

Yes. Air pressure in the ball. Kinetic energy if moving.

How a soccer ball bounces?

A soccer ball bounces as the air particles in them hit and apply pressure at the ball, when it hits a surface, the pressure from the particles apply a force on the ball. Thus, making it bounce.

Does a soccer ball lose its air in a plane I put my soccer ball in a plane in my luggage and now its out of air. does it have a hole r is it because of the pressure?

no it does not lose air in a plane it just has a hole in it or it has high or low pressure

Does air pressure effect the distance a soccer ball travels?


What is the air pressure specification of a soccer ball?

8-12 psi..

- Does the air pressure of different balls effect the distance?

does air pressure affect the distance a soccer ball travels

Does a soccer ball travel farther with more or less air pressure?

It travels further with more air pressure.

What is the correct air pressure for a size 4 soccer ball?

I'm a fifa qualified referee. the correct pressure for a soccer ball is 0.6 to 1.1 atmospherical. To fimd out if the ball is the right pressure you must have a pressure guage and that will measure the pressure for you.

What is air inside of a soccer ball solid liquid or gas?

Gas. A soccer ball is filled with gas under pressure.

Is a soccer ball harder or softer with more air pressure?

it get harder with more air. Deflate the ball and tell me if you can squeeze it.

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